California Ballet Mom Makes Dreams Come True

California Ballet mom, Angela Bonser, was recently flown to New York City to be featured in the Yahoo! Weekly Flickr. It turns out that Angela is a wizard with the sewing machine, and for several years has been creating Disney costumes from scratch for her daughter Haylie. “

I realized I was spending too much money on clothing,” recalls Angela, “and one Christmas my mother bought me a sewing machine and told me, ‘It’s time. You’re going to learn how to sew.’”

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Angela was instantly hooked. While visiting Disneyland with her daughter, she noticed all of the little girls running around in their princess costumes and thought, “I can do that.” So she did.

Angela has created several Disney costumes from scratch for Haley, including Snow White, the Evil Queen, Ariel, and even a Jedi Knight. Each time Haylie wears one of the costumes to Disneyland, it’s usually accompanied by a great adventure with other Disney Characters, including an epic light-saber battle with Storm Troopers!

See Angela’s Weekly Flickr interview by CLICKING HERE.

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