Fun Facts about California Ballet’s The Nutcracker


1) The Sugar Plum Fairy is sewn into her tutu. Once in costume, she’s stuck that way until after curtain call!

2) Over 200 children audition for The Nutcracker every year, usually in late August.


3) Bon Bons can’t be taller than 50 inches. Any taller, and they won’t fit under Mother Ginger’s skirt!

4) Over 700 pounds of dry ice are used to make the fog in Act One’s Snow Scene.

5) The largest costume in the ballet, Mother Ginger’s skirt has a 25 foot circumference!

6) The afghan which Clara’s mother places over her after the Party Scene was made by Director Maxine Mahon’s mother, Flora Jennings-Small.

7) There is always chocolate in the backstage green room - the room where our wardrobe volunteers do all of their amazing costume work.

8) It takes two 40 foot moving vans to get all of the sets, scenery, and costumes to the Civic Theatre!


9) Every closing performances, a little stuffed Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer makes an appearance onstage in every scene of the ballet!

10) Our ballerinas go through over 175 pairs of pointe shoes during rehearsals and performances!

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