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Pointe Shoes

California Ballet’s ballerinas are light on their toes and indescribably graceful, but perfection takes hundreds of hours of training and rehearsal. Before a ballerina puts on her makeup, slips into her costume, and steps into the spotlight, she will have worked around 300 hours in the studio. Most of those hours are spent en pointe.


Pointe shoes are a ballerina’s trade tools, much like an artist’s brushes. Unlike paintbrushes which can last months, years, and in come cases decades, a pair of pointe shoes will last one week. In some cases of extremely arduous dancing, a pair will last only a couple hours! A corps de ballet dancer may go through 20 pairs of pointe shoes in a season. A principal ballerina, even more!


When you consider that the average cost of a pair of pointe shoes is $60, consider just how much a dancer must spend each season. CBC supplements each dancer’s income with pointe shoes, and the company’s budget can be as much as $18,000 per season! 


California Ballet’s need for pointe shoes is like hunger - it never goes away. Right now, a CBC dancer is waiting to personally thank you for helping her practice her art. Will you join the Pointe Circle?

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