Leaps and Bounds 2014

As part of the Beyond the Barre program this year, California Ballet Company sponsored a special Junior Company matinee performance titled Leaps and Bounds. Performed March 22, 2014, the matinee featured California Ballet School’s up-and-coming dancers in a variety of pieces choreographed both for and by the students themselves.

Junior company members Jordan Nasif, Lily Morache, Isabella Rasdal, and Melanie Ziment all tested the waters as they gave voice to their fledgling choreographic styles. A mixture of contemporary and jazz, all four young women dazzled the audience as they pushed their casts of peers both technically and emotionally.

Other pieces on the program were choreographed by both School staff members and guest choreographers. Styles ranged from classical ballet to contemporary, and even a musical theater rendition of Hard Knock Life in which the young dancers provided the vocals themselves!

With a near sold out audience and critical praise, the young dancers and choreographers of California Ballet Junior Company have done themselves proud!

Junior Company - Hard Knock Life

Junior Company - Hard Knock Life


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