Top 10 Reasons to See The Nutcracker

Not sure why you should go see The Nutcracker?

We think we have some pretty good reasons!


1. You’re from the East Coast and you miss the snowstorms.


But our snowflakes won’t give you a cold.


2. You need a sugar fix


Mother Ginger and her Bon Bons. Aren’t they sweet?


3. You love Christmas Trees!


Ours grows before your eyes.


4. You love glamming it up on the red carpet.

Red carpet

Get your picture taken before every performance.

5. The live orchestra at every performance.


Live music. Do we need to say more?


6. You get another chance to wear your fabulous evening wear.

Black dress

And if you don’t have and outfit, this is a great excuse to get one.


7. Peter Tchaikovsky

Nut score

His music is so good, it’s worth learning how to spell his name.


8. Mind blowing athleticism!


Flying high in the Russian Variation.


9. You love reindeer . . .


But you can’t stand the thought of watching the Rudolph Christmas special even one more time.


10. Flowers, snow, and candy . . .

IMG 0474

These are a few of your favorite things!


Have we convinced you? 

Then what are you waiting for?

Buy Tickets!

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